About Munro Clothing

Munro was born out of our founder, Caroline Munro's, patch-working bits of colour together from her auntie’s factory floor into one-off jock and merino hoody creations. Good old fashioned Kiwi ingenuity prevailed and funnily enough, people liked it so she made more!

What started off as Rajistani-inspired gypsy flair turned into a statement about colour, an expression of who we are, and something that we can feel totally comfy in, ‘cos being comfy is important too.

We’re all about converting people to the possibility of colour to change perceptions, people and places.  And so far, we don’t mind saying, it seems to be going great!

Munro’s mission has always been simple; to return colour to the streets of Aotearoa. So if you spot someone around town with a bit of colour; a sneaky jock line, a coloured hoody, say hello - chances are they’re one of us. We’re totally stoked to have you with us.

Ka kite ano -  See you out there!